peter and paul almondavale highlight whitesuffolk and bond sheep stud

Stud Principals Paul and Peter Routley at the Lockhart show with the champion White Suffolk Ram and the champion Bond Ram.


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Peter & Marianne Wallis (Glenlea Park) and Gordon Wood (Landmark) holding Glenlea Park" 9009 "Breaker" purchased by "Almondvale Bond Stud" for $14000 from Adelaide Stud Sale 2011. Breaker has been joined to a large number of Bond ewes and his progeny looks excellent.

F.D 19.3 | S.D 3.3 | C.V 17.1 | C.F 99.6 | BW 123kg


Paul Routley talking to school children on their excursion to the 2019 Ram Sale.


highlight almondvale white suffolk and bond sheep stud

Almondvale 050066


highlight almondvale white suffolk and bond sheep studs

Peter and Paul with successful bond rams


Stud ewes in the yards for drafting


2019 Ram Sale with Landmark staff


Poll Boonoke 190044 & Poll Boonoke 191348


Detpa Grove Elite Ewe Purchase

Detpa Grove Elite Ewe

Detpa Grove elite ewe (Lot 3b) purchased in April 2015 for $2200
Almondvale purchased 10 ewes at the sale, to average $645


Dawning of a New Venture - Almondvale Poll Stud

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Baringa 'Colt' 218/18

Baringa 'Colt' 218/18.
Purchased by Almondvale for $10,000 at the 2019 Elite Sale.

Poll Boonoke 181312

Poll Boonoke 181312, purchased by Almondvale for $7,000.
FD 21.0   SD 3.5  CV 16.7  CF 99.6  YCFW 26.3  YWT 8.6  MP+ 160  DP+ 160
Photographed with Shannon Mitchell, Peter Routley & Paul Routley.


Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre
Lamb & Sheep Sale May 2011

wagga lamb sale




Routley's Passion for Sheep

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Yarrahappini Stud has a New Home

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Field Days

>> 2011 Special Educational Field Day

>> 2010 Interactive Field Day


Bond Sire Evaluation Trial

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Almondvale adverts placed in the Australian White Suffolk Association Newsletter.

>> March 2011 see pdf version

>> August 2011 see pdf version